Crown Moulding Trim install

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Presented – 03/08/2019


(See job timeline, job availability dates & price breakdown below) 

– Job Scope –

 – To install crown moulding and soffit in the kitchen above the existing cabinets –

– To  install crown moulding in the common areas on the first floor excluding the front room and haulway –

– To  install crown moulding in the common areas on the second floor excluding the bedrooms –

(Price dose not include primer or painting)


Home Depot Crown Mouldings

 Total cost breakdown per project:  

Total both projects $3,875

(materials and labor included)

Kitchen $1950

First and second floor common areas $1925

(excluding bedrooms and front room first floor)

 Total project timeline:

– Total job timeline is expected to be 1.5  – 2 weeks

– Payment schedule as follows –

– $ 850 to be paid in advance for materials and confirming start date –

– $1525 to be paid after kitchen crown moulding is installed –

– $1500 to be paid for after remaining crown moulding installation complete –

– Date 03-08-2019


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